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Following on from our announcement on the home page, we would reiterate that it is very important residents who care about Port Royal attend the Town Council meeting on Monday 5th February 2018 (venue: Sidmouth Methodist Church Hall just off the High Street at 18.30) and the EDDC Cabinet meeting on Wednesday 7th February 2018 (venue: Council Chamber, Knowle, Sidmouth at 17.30)

Meanwhile, strikes a very positive tone (see article here) reporting the latest news on proposed development at Port Royal!  We certainly hope for a more sympathetic improvement of the area, in line with the character and history of the town and the conservation area.


Also, do have a look at our information sheets that will help more people know the facts and understand aspects of the potential redevelopment of Port Royal and eastern town. The first four are available now on the “information sheets” tab where you will find a list of those available now and those that will be completed soon.

Please pass these on to anyone who might be interested, they can also be printed and put on noticeboards. We can cover other aspects if you think they would be useful so please do tell us what topics you would like covered.