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This section is intended to allow many people to have their say. We hope that lots of people from the campaign group will feel like writing and that many more will ask questions or give their views through the comments.

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7 thoughts on “First post

  1. Delighted to see your website up and running. I became interested in this issue having seen the monstrosity that could be built at Port Royal (shown as a “proposal” on the Council’s display at Kennaway House).

    It seems to me that the 3Rs are (1) seeking to bring public awareness to the issue and (2) suggesting a possible alternative approach. Why is this branded as “scaremongering” by the Town and District Councils?

    • We are glad you like the website.
      Like you, we have no idea why responding to a public consultation should be seen as ‘scare-mongering’. We hope you enjoy more content as it appears and thank you for commenting.

  2. It would seem to me that the “Scaremongering” has originated with the town and district councils, in the publication of this “proposal”, which, incidentally, they are now claiming was a “mistake!”
    It is they who are scaring the community into action, they are setting the agenda, we are having to run just to catch up. They determine the time limits and they set the pace, we can only respond and hope for the best outcome for the town, not the best outcome for the pockets of the councils and developers.

  3. The drill hall is an eyesore. The sailing club is an eyesore. They should both go, with the latter reprovisioned on site.

    Are not local governments obliged – by Westminster decree – to facilitate residential development? Personally, I do not want to see 20-30 flats on the site, but, alongside other community-centered facilities,10-20 is surely reasonable.

    The Australian design seems competent, but it is not relevant, as Sidmouth certainly does not need any more food & beverage outlets, other than those already in the town.

    Similarly, the proposal to turn the Ham into an open-air food bazaar is also superfluous. In fact, it sounds absolutely horrendous. This space should be kept green, and kept vacant for communal enjoyment, and not for fast food profiteering.

    • Thank you for commenting.
      There is agreement that both the Drill Hall and the Sailing Club look fairly unattractive. Our idea is that both of them could be made to look good without having to go to all the expense of demolishing them and rebuilding.
      As they are built on a shingle bank, within a Zone 3a flood risk, putting new buildings there would be very expensive and subject to all sorts of regulations. On the other hand, if what is there is retained none of these new regulations would be triggered, and things could be repurposed for much less money.
      Local governments are required to build housing, but we don’t think they are encouraged to do so on Zone 3a flood risk land. However, we could be wrong.

      Regarding the suggestion to put a food bazaar on Ham Charity land, this is not something this group has suggested. We believe that the terms of the conveyance should stand, you can see a copy of the conveyance document here.

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