What is Port Royal?

Port Royal is the seaward side of Sidmouth’s Eastern Town.

Eastern Town used to be anything to the east of Fore Street and High Street but now tends to refer to the area fronting Ham Lane/York Street/Mill Street and further east. As you can see the definition is fluid and the same applies to Port Royal.

Port Royal definitely includes all the conservation area which is east of Ham Lane, ending at the Sid river, but there is no strict demarcation to its northern boundary. Some people consider it to be just the conservation area, some feel it goes up to the swimming pool, and some feel it goes as far back as the end of the children’s play area on the Ham.

This is the map given in the Scoping Exercise Project Brief from Sidmouth Town Council and East Devon District Council.

Although this is the area  marked for redevelopment in the Local Plan

This map shows the Conservation Area from the EDDC website.