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This is to remind you that delivery of our petition will be made to EDDC Full Council on Wednesday, 25th October; the meeting starts 6.30 pm at Knowle Council Chamber, Sidmouth – please attend if you can.

Would you like to protest about the Council consultation and the survey results? If so, please join us at Knowle Council Chamber by 6pm on 25th and bring your placards!


Many thanks from: Councillors Cathy Gardner, Matt Booth, Marianne Rixson and Dawn Manley (EDDC ward members for Sidmouth) and the 3Rs campaign team.

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Port Royal Survey results

The consultants or EDDC, it is difficult to know who is doing what, have released the results of the paper and online survey which closed at the end of July.

In total they say they had 245 survey forms completed and an additional 3 emails or letters giving comments. This seems a very small number for emails, perhaps comments which went to councillors somehow didn’t make it to the survey team?

The survey results document is available on the EDDC website, if you want to remind yourself of how the survey looked you can see a copy here.

Please read the survey results because there will be a lot of discussion of them appearing here soon. We need your comments too so that we can be sure all aspects have been addressed.

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First post

This section is intended to allow many people to have their say. We hope that lots of people from the campaign group will feel like writing and that many more will ask questions or give their views through the comments.

Let’s get going!